Cheap-*ss Haul! ;-)

Well it’s been a while since my last haul post (over a damn year ago)… The things I bought during that time is a bit more expensive compared to what I’m going to show all of you now. But if you are interested to read that I’ll link it “here” so if you have the time please check it out! 😀

Here are the beautiful little bitches!


All in all I got nine items, from three different stores; HBC, Glory Sun and Mercury Drug. Here are the items:

From Mercury Drug:

Careline oil control face powder refill in Natural, which cost me Php65.00 (Usd1.39).


From HBC:

-San san blending sponge, that I got for Php70.00 (Usd1.50 )and HBC Essensials Brow Razor, which I got for Php18.00 (Usd0.39).


From Glory Sun:


An Ashley Shine Color Eyebrow kit in number 2, this cost Php39.00 (Usd0.84).


Two sets of Miss Beauty False lashes that cost me Php9.00 (Usd0.19) each.


A set of Yi Na False Eyelashes in #01, which I got for Php22.00 (Usd0.47).


Two bottles, the one on the left has a pump, while the other one has a spritzer. These retails for Php15.00 (Usd0.32) each.

Everything cost me Php262.00 (Usd5.62), which is not a bad amount for the number of items I bought… Because in the end having a bargain is better than going broke for getting stuff that you can barely pay for. Which is F*ck*ng stupid.

One of these days I might do a review for the sponge, eyelashes and the powder products; that is all for this post please take care. 🙂


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