The Sophie Paris Products I Own

I just realized that I have posted a lot of things about different stuff from AVON products, Dept. Store items to even counterfeit products… then I forgot about posting a single thing about my Sophie stuff, I’ve been loving these items mind you, and I have been using these stuff for months already. That is why I was left wondering on why the flying heck did I forgot to write a review about them?

Okay, you might notice that the photos that I’ll be using have different resolutions. That is due to the fact that the higher resolution photos were taken a long time ago, back when our SLR is still alive. The lower resolution photos are those taken with my beat up phone, Samsung Corby 2; that I’ve been using for a whopping 4 years now(Yeah, I know, I’m broke…).

First of all, Sophie Paris is a company that started in Indonesia years ago. And it came to the Philippines in 2002. Like AVON, Natasha, Red Logo and Boardwalk; Sophie Paris is also a direct selling company, their main focus is on bags and RTW clothing, but aside from that they sell beauty products too. They have three makeup lines (that I’m aware of) and a separate line for skin care.

Now on to the list:

The first things I bought from Sophie are their single dual ended brushes.


The next one Is a lipstick sample box, containing four mini lipsticks.


These two I got at the same time; A lip gloss in Suede Copper,


and a Moisturizing face mask in Strawberry Milk.


Okay, I gotta say it so far; none of the things I tried from Sophie has disappointed me. Most if not all of these items even exceeds my expectations. Like the gloss for example, I never thought that a Php120.00 lip gloss could be that awesome, and the lipsticks, A full size of their lipstick cost Php85.00, that sample set cost Php85.00 as well. And those lipsticks are no joke. The brushes might seem pricey (the small one is Php.180.00 the big one is Php235.00) for some people, but for the quality, steal! The mask is pretty good too.

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