Part 2 of My Replica Reviews

Okay, sorry guys for being unable to update this past few days, due to the fact that I had explosive diarrhea (again)… And I can’t function both socially and online between running to the toilet and lying down on bed ( -_- ). So Now I bring you the second part of my review on makeup replicas, a.k.a. the “Please just refer to my past post since I forgot the title already” series of reviews…

Disclaimer: I bought these items knowing that they were replicas/fakes/counterfeits due to reasons that I already stated in my past post that I wouldn’t put here because it’ll make things longer than it already is. The main idea is I was not tricked into thinking that these items are original.

Lip products 2

(in this photo you see two fake (I’ll just use the term fake since these two products do not really resemble/are not named after any products of the brands that they were “copying”) lip products from popular brands like NYX and Mac.)

Lip Products

Mac Lipstick 9Mac Lipstick 4

Let’s go with the fake Mac first. At first glance the normal everyday clueless consumer might thought that this lipstick is real. And he or she might thought: “Hey what a steal, a Mac lipstick for Php170.00 (Usd3.72)(some assholes might even raise the price up to 500 (Usd10.94), but if someone sells me a fake for that price point I’ll stalk them till the end of the world and make them pay… so far I haven’t encountered such a seller since I only bought stuff from only one person)! But always remember, if the price is too good to be true, then it really isn’t true. Also I’m pretty sure that no Mac lipstick does this:

Mac Lipstick 3

but really, this is not that big of a deal for me, since I’m actually the one who broke it… but that didn’t happen to my aunt’s genuine mac lipstick when I twisted the lipstick down too tightly, the glue they used here suck ass. It can still be put back though.

Packaging: like what you see in the second picture in this post, one might think that “hey, this looks legit!” but really… no it isn’t. Sure it has the Back 2 Mack scribbles on the flap of the box,

Mac Lipstick 5

But if you are observant you’ll see the biggest sign that this is fake,

Mac Lipstick 8Mac Lipstick 7

notice that there is the word Lovelorn written on one side of the box, and on the other side there is a sticker that reads “MAC 08” and if you read blogs like I do, you’ll know that MAC never use numbers to name/call their products… unlike other brands they use “proper names” like Lovelorn. and I’m sure that Lovelorn isn’t this color:

Mac Lipstick 2

because it’s this:


(source: )

See, not the same, and the shape is different too. Another one of the giveaways though is written in the front of the box, the lipstick I bought was and is still advertised as matte… the word you’ll see on the packaging is “Lustre” which is actually the finish of the Lovelorn lipstick. I also noticed that all of us in my class who ordered the same Mac Matte Lipsticks (all fake of course) in different colors all have the word “Lovelorn” written on the boxes, the only thing different was the stickers with numbers on it, which basically mean that the manufacturers of these lipsticks copied the packaging of Lovelorn… didn’t even bother to look up a lipstick from Mac that has a matte finish so they can copy the box of that one instead. ( :-/ )

Now let’s talk about the packaging of the lipstick itself:

Mac Lipstick 1Mac Lipstick 6

Like what you see in the third photo in this post, the cap of this lipstick is shaped like a bullet… but the size of the bullet, the color of the whole damn thing even the material used is totally different from the real Mac lipsticks, so whoever the hell believed that these lipsticks are the real deal, is a clueless duffus… I’m not being rude here, if I want to be rude I can really be. But really, just from the weight of the product itself you can tell that its fake…

First of all, this packaging is made of plastic all throughout. even the metal part, yes that is plastic that was painted silver. Next the color of a real mac packaging is lighter, this is too effing black. Next is the telltale number, like I said Mac never used numbers to name their products, also they do not use black stickers… this is actually a pretty bad replica, and if you were fooled by this already, then it’s easier to get fooled by the better replicas out there, you might get duped out of money for a fake product.

Now for the quality of the product itself, this is matte as f*ck… so matte that I need to really exfoliate and moisturize my lips in order to not look like an asshole while wearing this. To be honest I have no issues with “drying” lipsticks so that isn’t a problem for me, the problem for me is if I used a even a lightly tinted balm, this lipstick changes its color completely. That never happened with any of my other lipsticks, not even on my cheapest lipsticks. But if I wipe my lip balm of before I apply it the finish is perfect and the color looks fantastic, to the point that I could actually let that minor problem pass… it does stain a bit though, just a light stain of pink.

Now let’s go to another big giveaway… it doesn’t smell like vanilla, and all mac lipsticks should smell like vanilla.

Over-all, this product is not really that bad… not the best either. It’s more like a 6 or 7 out of 10 for me.

Lip Swatches:


see how it’s opaque and matte…


I only used a teeny-tiny bit of lip balm and it changed color and loses some of its matte-ness. (still a good color though)

Now lets move on to the NYX Liquid Lipstick. This product is the one I liked more between the two, since I find that this works nicely even with my tinted lip balms. To be honest I love this little b*tch, now if only I know what this is actually made of; that’ll be great.


I’m pretty sure that NYX Doesn’t have any product with this packaging…


Now for the box; yes you heard that right, it has a box. Just a fun fact though, for the people who never heard of NYX Cosmetics before (if there are), NYX lip products rarely come in boxes… they only do when they are sold in sets. And as far as I’m concerned, this product did not come in a set. And again, just like Mac lip products; NYX names their lip products too. They do not use numbers to represent/name a product. While this box clearly has a sticker on it that says No.18.

Also Lip Smacking Fun Colors is a lipstick line, not liquid lipstick…

Now let’s talk about the packaging itself, this packaging reminds me of liquid liner packaging because of the shape. Since it’s wider at the bottom and it gets thinner towards the top, the packaging is convenient too since it’s small and thin and easy to put into a makeup bag, purse or your pockets. But sadly this doesn’t look like any of the real NYX lip products. It also has that sticker on the bottom that says No.18.


Now lets move on to the product quality… like all liquid lipsticks, this product will look disastrous on chapped, dry lips. I’m telling you using most liquid lipsticks on that state of lips ain’t gonna end up cute. You’ll need only one swipe of this product on your lips, that’s enough. It looks opaque already after that and if you layer more it won’t look nice because it’ll start to flake off after it dries and that again won’t look cute. It doesn’t have a strong scent too, which is good since I’d rather have no scent than bad scent. The consistency is very liquid-y, like lip gloss liquid-y, minus the stickiness and it dries completely, it doesn’t transfer (Kiss proof according to some of my other classmates who bought one) and it’s matte, and it stays matte and it doesn’t change color even if I apply my lip balm before I put it on (I just can’t let it go can’t I?).

Aside from that the lasting power is good too, since I wore it one time to church and eat out with my grandma (pancit and spaghetti) and it still stayed intact, it’s actually a b*tch to remove. This has a doe foot applicator too.


Now if this isn’t a fake product I’ll recommend this to all of you, I really like it and the color that I got is so amazing.


this is what it looks like on my lips… 

Another thing I like about this is it makes my snaggle-teeth look white.

Lip products 3

(Note: my mouth isn’t really open here, my top and bottom row of front teeth just doesn’t reach each other…)


(Proof, It’s still like this because according to my dentist it’ll take me Php30,000.00 (Usd656.61) to get it fixed… dental care is NOT cheap in the Philippines.) 

Overall I give this product an 8.5/10.

(Update: 7/6/2016, I forgot to put this disclaimer in here the first time I posted it, and I apologize for that; so here goes: These products are featured here are fakes/replicas. The ingredients written in the packaging of these items might not even be real, so I do not recommend their usage, this post’s aim is to educate not  to recommend products that could potentially bring you danger. But if you really wanna try these things out; then do so at your own risk.)

So that’s a wrap for today and see you all later. 😀


6 thoughts on “Part 2 of My Replica Reviews

    1. Depends on your idea of bad, 🙂 I discourage my readers from using them since these replicas do not really disclose the real ingredients used in them, the real companies that sells the genuine products do not benefit from every replicas sold. But if you look at it from another standpoint; there are very small businesses that re-sells these things, family owned businesses that are actually victims too, and whenever you buy from them you help with their bills. But even that reason won’t be good enough to sell these stuff. What I’m saying is you must not buy these, but if you really want to try them then do it at your own risk. 🙂 But really, sometimes fakes/replicas might surprise you, either because they are really good quality wise (disregarding the ingredients), but sometimes because they are really fucking bad. 😉

      1. oh okay thank you! I haven’t tried any replicas so far. And it’s really nice that I have encountered your reviews before I was tempted to try those, hehe! 😀

        Again, thank you for the very wonderful review 😛

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