The Replicas that I Got: Part 1- Naked 2 Palette and Naked 4 Concealer Wheel

First of all, I know that there is no such thing as a f*cki’n Naked 4… I’ve read way too many blogs and watched too many videos since 2011 to know better. But really sometimes curiosity will get the best of you. And also, like what you read in the title, this is Part 1 of the series of posts called “The Replicas that I Got”. Why did I divide it into parts you ask? Well this part is already a long one… this post is over 2000 words already, just imagine if I put all of the items I got within this one. And that’s why this supposedly single post is going to be divided into parts.

Okay, back to business. I got both of the items for a very cheap price, the seller who also happened to be my friend/classmate never told any of us (the people who bought from her) that the items we’re genuine in any way, shape or form. And we still bought them despite being informed, so there were no ill feelings, lying and trickery involved with this purchase. I just happened to be curious and I also happened to like the colors of the items that she brought with her as samples (in the case of the concealer, liners and lip products, the latter would be reviewed in a separate post…) and just like what I mentioned in my other post about counterfeit products, I got curious with the palette, and I like the colors I saw in the photos she showed me (which were exactly the colors I got).

So here they are the first two out of eight items that I got, also there is going to be a set of Sigma Brush replicas that are coming, probably next week with a Mac Gel Liner replica.

Now let’s go with the first item; the Naked 2 Palette. I got this together with a Mac Lipstick replica (which will come in another post) a few weeks back (6-7 weeks ago I think). I have used it enough to tell you about the quality and compare it some of my other products.

So let’s go in depth with it!

Okay now let’s go to the packaging of this little bitch. Like most replicas, this palette came with this lame-ass card board box that shows how the manufacturers didn’t even bothered to make it to look like the original… If you like makeup, I’m sure you know what I mean. Also, it didn’t come with a freebie like the original does.

It came like this…

Naked Palette 6Naked Palette 5

Now let’s go to the Palette itself.

here it is… (and my cat thought that she is an awesome photobomber…)

Naked 2 closeNaked Palette 3

The first thing I noticed was that this palette’s packaging looks more on the taupe side compared to the original palette’s brown (That’s how the color of the palettes look on the photos that I saw online, and the palettes used by the people on YouTube) packaging. Also rather than a dark chocolate brown color for the font, the manufacturers used black for this one.

Contrary to most reviews I read online about fake palettes, this one didn’t came with any defect in the packaging, this baby is actually well put together! And I also found mine easy to open and close. The only thing that I experience that was the same for other bloggers was that some of the pans in my palette came a bit raised, but not really in a sense that they almost popped out, but I still pushed them back in just because I’m obsessive compulsive, and I want all of the pans on the same level.

Naked Palette 11

(this part is well glued, there were no raised parts, unlike the other replicas that has been reviewed in other blogs)

Naked Palette 12Naked Palette 9

(there is no huge gap between the tin and the plastic, and the rectangular tin that bears the words “Urban Decay” is well glued even on the sides)

Naked Palette 8

(also, the mirror is well placed, a little shaky, but not shaky enough for the mirror to slide away…)

So, like the original Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay, this palette have 12 shadows inside of it, and it comes with a dual ended brush, which is not really the best brush I used but totally usable.

Naked 2

It also came with a big mirror, although it isn’t the best mirror that I’ve had; I still find it quite usable; during those times that I do not have my better mirror at arm’s reach.

BYS mirror

(the better mirror that I was talking about, my BYS Cosmetics mirror, that was given to me by my aunt last August 2014, one side is a normal mirror the other is magnified… she got this years ago, and since has been replaced in the brand’s website by a square one with exactly the same function) 

Naked Palette 10

(proof that the mirror is actually usable… -_- )

Now let’s go to the actual products:

Naked Palette 2

(from right to left: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, and Snake Bite)

Naked Palette 4

(from right to left: Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted and Black out)

Naked 2 swatches

SWATCHES: From Left to Right: Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, SnakeBite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted and Blackout.

Foxy: This color is supposed to be matte, judging from the swatches that I saw online. The Foxy from this palette though is a SATIN finish, and looks a bit darker than the real one, but still pretty close nonetheless.

Half Baked: To me this is one of the shades in this palette that differs more from the real palette. The real Half Baked is supposed to be more on the gold side, this one however is more on the bronze side and a tad darker in comparison.

Bootycall: Is more shimmery and more champagne in color compared to the real one.

Chopper: Is one of the shades that were pretty close to it’s counterpart from the original, this one just has a little bit of a rose gold tint to it.

Tease: Like Half Baked, this one differs more compared to the original, since tease is supposedly a “creamy pale brown matte” shade. But the shade here is more of a pale taupe in color, and is very close to my skin color. The one in the original is more of a crease color for me, but the one in this palette works more for me as a blending shade or transition shade.

Snake Bite: The one in this palette is pretty close, but still a bit too light.

Suspect: The one in this palette is more of a copper-beige shimmer than golden-beige shimmer.

Pistol: One of the closest shades to its original counterpart… though less pigmented.

Verve: the one from this palette is a little more on the pink side, while the original one is more of a platinum or white gold.

YDK: Second only to Blackout as the closest shade, just a little bit less pigmented.

Busted: This shade is supposed to be a deep brown shimmer… the one in  my palette  is a shimmery taupe one.

Blackout: The most spot on shade of all the shades in my palette (duh) same black matte, only; it was way less pigmented. But hey a matte black is a matte black.

Naked palette look

Here is a look I created with this palette and one of the eye and lip liner pencils that I got.

Like I said a while ago, I got this palette because I liked the shades that I saw from the photo that my friend showed me. Not really because of the brand plastered on it. I also know that there might be some health risk that I might face by using this, but so far I’m still fine and for the most part, I’ve never really felt any skin irritation with this palette. Now to the bigger questions. The first one is; is this palette a cheaper alternative to the real Naked 2 palette? My answer is a big no. Since more than half of the shades are different to their original counterpart, but are the shades ugly? Another no, since these shades are beautiful in their own right, and like I said, I like these colors, that’s why I bought the palette and if the ingredients here isn’t suspicious, I’ll love this palette even more.

The next question is; is this palette going to fool anyone? Yes, the packaging might fool anyone, even the shades if you’re a clueless buyer, since you won’t know what to look for. But I for one already knew that this is only a replica from the beginning, just from the moment that I heard the price that  my friend was selling me this for, which is for only Php350.00 (the price from her supplier lowered two weeks ago, so now she sells it for only Php300.00 which is Usd6.44) which roughly translates to Usd7.51, which is ten times cheaper than the price in which the genuine palettes are being sold in here, which ranges from Php3000-3500 (Usd64.39-75.12). That for me, is already a dead give away; but for some others it might just look like they got it for a bargain… But please always remember that if the price is too good to be true, there is probably some shenanigans involved with it.

Now I’m going to tell you a funny/disturbing story… 😉

This palette is actually one of the best sellers from the store of my friend’s supplier, like what I said in my past post that I linked in the second paragraph (Click it if you’re curious 😉 ) these suppliers advertise these products as SG (Singapore) Authentic/Replicas, they are not exactly lying since they genuinely believe that these stuff are really from Singapore because that is what the distributors that they bought their products from has told them. But there is a huge possibility that they are not really from Singapore… The problem is there are actually people who buys that SG Authentic crap and think that they were buying genuine stuff that were marked cheap because they were made in Singapore.

Okay…to be honest aside from me my Beauty Care trainer/teacher also ordered the same palette, actually she ordered the same exact things that I ordered. Both of us got ours the same time so my friend had to put our names inside the palette’s boxes…

Naked Palette

then my GENIUS (sarcasm…) as f*ck teacher “suggested” that the whole class should get eyeshadow shades that the palette has, and then most of my class mates bought the same exact palette, but from a different person, they got theirs’ from our other classmate that sells the same products but from a different supplier therefore she sells her products way cheaper. She sells her palettes for only Php250.00 (Usd5.37), Php100.00 (Usd2.15) cheaper than my friend’s. What they got though is something that closely resembles the palettes that the other bloggers has reviewed, another thing I noticed was that the shades in their palettes are different from mine. When I compared mine to a friend’s who got her palette from the other seller I noticed a lot of difference between the shades of our palettes, even the color of the packaging and the box. That’s where I got the idea that there are a lot of different manufacturers that makes fakes/counterfeits of one product. Which can be scary, because it means that even if one manufacturer is caught, the others are probably still operating.


Naked concealer 10Naked concealer

this is how this little girl came in… left: inside the box, right: out of the box

Like the palette, let’s talk about the packaging first, the box. that hole on that box is just a hole, no plastic film under it that is just a bare hole, leaving the clear packaging of the product vulnerable to scratches. This left me the impression that the manufacturer who made this packaging made this half-assedly… This is one helluva half-assed packaging.

Naked concealer 6

not to mention the typo… imoerfections? Really, did you mean imperfections?

But, not only were the box half-assed, the packagin is a bit half-assed to, why? Because theseNaked concealer 7 freaking words were actually printed on that clear lid, but It got erased easily not even a week after I got it… But still, the packaging still looks quite sturdy.

Naked concealer 3

(back of the packaging, at least this time they had the decency to use a sticker instead of half-assed printing…)

Now let’s get to the product inside. This concealer wheel has five shades in it. Three of those shades are correctors, a yellow toned, green toned and a salmon toned.

Naked concealer 2

(the concealer wheel without the lid, the hot weather made the product look hole-y though…) 

Naked concealer 5

Swatches: from left to right: Green toned corrector (good for correcting red pimple marks and redness), Salmon Corrector (correcting under eye circles that are more on the purple side a.k.a those people with cool undertones), Light concealer (for light to medium skin tones), Dark concealer (for medium to dark skin tones), and Yellow corrector (correcting under eye circles that are more on the green side a.k.a those with warm undertones).

Okay, I just gotta say, even if the packaging is shitty as fuck; the product inside is amazing as heck! The consistency of the concealer is perfect for the weather in the Philippines, it feels like a cross between a cream and a liquid concealer. It has the coverage of a cream concealer and the blendability of a liquid concealer. I for one love this type of concealers, since this is thinner than normal cream concealers, I can even wear it under baby powder (one of the powders that I use during those days that the weather is as humid as f*ck) and it wont be too noticeable unlike my other cream ones. The correctors does a good job on correcting stuff on my face too, although I wish the green is more greener though, but still the quality is good if only the ingredients this have are not questionable.  The product is also great for the price I paid for it, which is Php180.00 (Usd3.86).

This product one of my friend’s best selling products, and I can see why. I actually ordered one after I test her own stuff(she uses this product too) on her face, when she asked me to retouch her makeup, in fact a lot of us in our class bought one too that again, she had to put names on the boxes…Naked concealer 11 Someone in my class even stole an extra one.

Now, there is one extra thing I can say about this product though… it is a product of a lazy manufacturer… This is clearly a repackaged product. Since, I have seen, exactly the same items in Alibaba once. Although that one has a black packaging rather than gold, also I saw the same one although with a name of a Chinese makeup brand, rather than Naked 4 on the packaging.


I know  that I sounded like I’m taking the side/defending counterfeit products in some parts of this post, But in reality I’m not… I’m just being honest in my opinion about the products. I bought them with my own money, and even if a friend of mine is selling them, I still wouldn’t recommend their usage to people… all I’m going to say is if you want to use or try them, then do so at your own risk.

So, that is all for now and see you all later… 😀


5 thoughts on “The Replicas that I Got: Part 1- Naked 2 Palette and Naked 4 Concealer Wheel

    1. The only problem is, I don’t have a credit card… and Aliexpress doesn’t offer C.O.D. 🙂 Also, I didn’t really bought them because they were replicas I bought them because I was intrigued, that’s all. :3

      1. Ah right. 👍 you should look on the site and see how much alike they do them. Never bought them before. Had friends buy them.

      2. Yeah, I have heard about the replicas there, I also heard that there has been a replica there that copied the packaging of the Naked Palette and even included a travel sized primer to make it more realistic. -_- kinda scary…

      3. Definitely, i don’t usually buy copies, I usually buy unbranded ones from the likes of eBay or AliExpress.. 😀

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