Reasons Why I Didn’t Want To Grow Up

I really do not know why a lot of kids want to grow up so fast these days… I for one hand didn’t want to grow up when I was a kid, unlike the other kids my age at the time who want to grow up fast so they can do things and go to places where adults can only do or go to. Which annoys me to no end since most of my friends/classmates always try to get me to tag along… I am fine with my Yu-Gi-Oh! cards thank you very much! I’m contented with playing and watching cartoons on T.V. during mornings and afternoons. I’m happy like that. Playing with my mom’s stuff, watching Mulan, watching Sugar a little snow fairy, playing with the other kids outside, watching Power Puff Girls and Doraemon, that was my thing.

Then I  grew up. Growing up is a bitch for the weird kid; kids like me. Since our age group always pour their bullshit on us… they were having fun tormenting us, while we are contemplating breaking their neck(for some cases there were ones who wants to break their own rather than their tormentor’s), but we don’t ’cause it’s illegal.

But even after all that bull crap I still grew up just fine, I still occasionally buy some toys since I want to collect them.

So here are the reasons why I didn’t want to grow up as a kid:

  1. Because of my parents, and all the grown ups around me; I realized at a very young age (7 or 8) that adult life is very complicated.
  2. Playing is fun, actual playing, like jumping ropes, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bayblade, and Indigenous games.
  3. You won’t get odd looks when you buy magazines like K-zone. (Those foldabots are the bomb)
  4. Watching cartoons with your cousins is actually fun.
  5. You can eat for free and not be called a freeloader.
  6. You and your friends all have a common interest (i.e. Playing).
  7. You can be carefree.
  8. You can trust easily.
  9. You still do not understand the feeling of loss.
  10. You are protected.
  11. You can laugh wholeheartedly.
  12. You still think that you can take over the world.
  13. You can smile with snot on your nose.
  14. Everything is simple, your only problem is how to get your mom to agree with you in staying at home all day watching cartoons or anime.
  15. Pain is just being ill or a wound on your knee.
  16. Because now, you know all of the problems and you need to always find a way to fix or avoid them.

That’s why if you are still a child (15 below), enjoy it… since I can’t really be considered old already and I already miss being a child… I miss the easier things. Since in reality; I needed to grow up faster, not because I want to, mind you. But I do not have any choice.

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