My Favorite Mascara (as of the moment)(NOT a review)

Okay, I only have two criteria for choosing the best mascara; the price and the quality. If I can get a cheap mascara that works like magic then I’ll take it any f*cking time. In my four years of makeup usage, I have tried various (not too many since I  made a rule for myself: ‘ONE MASCARA AT A TIME’ due to the fact that  you can only have them for 3-4 months then you need to toss them) mascaras, from the drugstore.

Okay, let’s get deeper into that criteria shall we… Price; I have a limit when it comes to mascara prices, UNDER 200 Pesos ONLY (Php200.00 = Usd4.30) , but there were times when I flush my own rule down the toilet… like when I bought that AVON Super Drama Mascara , and that set from Ever Bilena that has 2 liners for free. But in the end, I didn’t like both that much… which is sad since I paid way too much for them, in a student’s point of view at least. Now for quality; I like a mascara that offers both volume and length at the same damn time. And when it comes to being waterproof, I wan’t them to withstand my extreme sweat, and not make me look like I cried a ton of tears with my mascara on. Which is not cute, by the way.

So, I came across this mascara when I visited my town’s local HBC, I got intrigued since I have also read some good reviews about this mascara from other blogs; when I researched “the best cheap mascaras in the Philippines” on google. I bought it, and tried it. At first I was irked when I tried putting it on with the usual way I put on my mascara; which is with a wiggling motion… when I did that I got major clumping on my lashes. The next time I put it on, I used the regular/normal way to put it. And it worked wonderfully! Aside from holding my curl like a damn vice grip, once it dries, it stays in place until you remove it and it clings to your lashes for it’s dear life. Another good thing is it never did flaked on me during the almost three months that I’ve been using it.

Here it is:


my holy grail!

San san Thick Lash Mascara. I know that there are some of you who were familiar with the San san packaging in the past might say that this particular tube looks different; but yes it is the Thick Lash Mascara. The girl from HBC said that every single product of San san went through a make over last first quarter of 2015. And if you ask me, I love this packaging more than the past one; since it looks classier and looks a little bit more expensive. But still this is only Php145.00 (Usd3.12), which is definitely a steal for the quality.

If you guys want a full review of this, then please just ask, and I’ll be happy to do so. 😉

By the way like I said, this is not a review… and I paid for this with my own money. I’m not affiliated with San san in any way, I just happen to love this mascara so f*cking much. 😀 ❤


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