Avon Fab 5-piece Brush Set with Pouch


So, hello there guys! And this is the item that I’m going to review today… I know I promised a Nichido, San san or an e.l.f. review in my last post, but in the end… I’m back to Avon.

So I have here a brush set that I got from Avon for some time now. So yep I’m pretty confident to review this bad girl (I’d actually name this set Crimson…). This girl was actually a part of my May to June haul, click HERE, if you want to read that .  And if you already did you might have remember me saying that “You should wait for a sale, Php 399.00 is a little too much to pay for this set. I’ll be willing to pay up to Php250.00 or  Php299.00 for this but Php399.00 NO F*CK*’N WAY. I’ll tell you why in a second. (BTW this costs Php99.00 right now… I think. 😛 )

DSC_0390 DSC_0391

this is what the pouch looks like closed………                 This, when opened.

First off, I think this brush set would be really good for travelling since it comes with a pouch, and all the brushes that comes with it are all essential brushes. Every brush is also made with synthetic fibers, so if you’re vegan, then this might be good for you.

To be honest I really like the pouch that came with the kit. It feels a little cheap though, but It’s nice and durable, and it gets the job done. So I like it. 🙂 And I got the whole set for only Php99.00, which is not bad.

The pouch is made from a shiny red fabric that feels synthetic. Like the same type of fabric used in children’s school bags that you can buy from Divisoria or fairs during holy feats for Php50.00-200.00. The zipper and the bag has a red plastic piping (which adds more to the Divisoria school bag vibe…). The inside however is full black, there were also spaces there, made of black garter that separates each brush from each other, which is a plus, the red and black theme is a plus too. 😀

Now lets go to the brushes.


the brushes out of their proper places….


A bit of a closer view.

To be honest the first thing I though about these brushes was “Okay, I’m really glad I only paid Php99.00 for this… this looks cheaper than the brushes I got in 7-11 for Php79.00! The fibers look so stiff and synthetic in a bad way!” but you now what? I was so mistaken, very very very mistaken. The bristles of the face brushes, the blush brush to be precise were actually really soft and sparse, good for application and blending of powder blushes; loose or pressed, specially loose. The handle was pretty long too, which is a plus for me. The Ferrule looks good too, and the handle feels like its properly/securely placed in the ferrule, so it won’t actually fall apart easier. The next one is the foundation brush. If you are the type of girl who likes to stipple or buff your liquid foundation, then you might not like this brush. But I it, the bristles were actually soft and the brush distributes the product nicely. the handle and ferrule placement is good too.

Time for the other brushes! 😀 In the set there were three other brushes, one for eyeshadow, one for lips, one for brows. But to be honest I use all of those three only for my eyes… okay, now some of you might ask; “Why did you use the lip brush and the brow brush or your eyes? The usage of them are printed on the handle already?” and some might say “Are you stupid? Those things already have specific purposes,  do you even know makeup at all?!” okay, my answers to those are these… Yes, I know that the uses are printed on the brushes and No, I’m not stupid and yes, I do know make makeup… I’ve been doing it for a pretty long time now. So why do I use them that way? Because I want to. That’s the way I want to use them so I use them like that.

Lets discuss discuss about the eyeshadow brush first. Some people might think that this brush looks a little bit like a concealer bush, they might even use it as like one. I on the other hand think that It’s a really good eyeshadow brush… here is the reason why I do not use it as concealer brush, one, because it’s a little too wide for my concealer brush taste, and it’s a little short. But whatever you can use your brushes anyway you like.( 😉 ) The bristles in this brush are a little stiff, but not near borderline hard. Which is good for packing shadows, it is also synthetic which is good for shimmers. The brush is also good at depositing and applying shadows, and it’s wide meaning it can cover more space on the lid, this brush s actually perfect for packing colors on eyes with big lids. The ferrule is pretty nice too, the handle is long which is good, however, I think they overestimated the size of the ferrule of this one, since some part of the part ( 😛 ) of the handle that’s supposed to be inside the ferrule is hanging out. The handle and ferrule are securely glued though, so I do not see this minor thing as problem.

The next one is the lip brush. That i use as an eye brush…  Don’t get me wrong, t up to you if you want to use this on your lips. But I won’t. Here are the reasons; one, it’s a too thick to be able to do a nice and accurate application, the fibers are also too stiff for a lip brush and lastly, the it’s too dense. I do not see this as a lip brush, but I like it for applying color to the outer corners of the lid, and smudging.  The only flaw I saw o the brush physically is, there were fibers that were out of place and too long. The ferrule and handle are properly placed, the ferrule and handle looks good too, the handle of this is thicker than the two other brushes.

Lastly, here is the eyebrow brush. To me his brush is much more suited for liners, liquid gel, powder, whatever, since it’s really thin, specially if you use it on the lower lash line. But it can be good for brows too, specially if you have really thin brows. The ferrule is awesome and the handle is good and long, but also like the eyeshadow brush, they underestimated the size of the ferrule.

Now lets go to the reason why I thought that php399.00 is a bit too much for this set. The craftsmanship is really not there yet… the materials they used seemed a little bit too cheap for Php399.00 and let’s not forget about the reputation of their kabuki brush(I actually have one, I tried to lo), You know I could actually get something else with the same quality but cheaper, or I could just add a few bucks or I’ll just rather save a little bit more to get something of much nicer quality  online. And I’m telling you, some of you might even be dissapointed if you paid Php299.00 for it.

But I’m not saying that this brush set isn’t any good, since I actually said that I liked it… and I will pay up to Php250-299.00 for it. Just not a cent over that amount… the quality is nice and theme is nice, the brushes are actually good for daily usage, the set can even be your average go to everyday brush set. I’ll even give this to my mom for a gift.

All I’m saying is; this set can be great, but not for the regular price they sell them for. But they do put this on sale for Php100.00 off or more. Right now I think they sell this for Php99.00 in the bi-monthly brochure. And I think they sold some of this for Php299.00 last month… 🙂 Not a bad deal to be honest.

Now it’s time for pros and cons:


  1. Each one of the brushes have good quality.
  2. The brushes are versatile.
  3. It comes with a pouch that can be used for travelling.
  4. I like the red and black theme.
  5. You can get it on sale for as low as Php99.99
  6. There is a lot of room for improvement.
  7. You can pay for it in installment for a month.


  1. The regular price is too huge.

Now for my final verdict.

Quality:  8.0/10

Packaging: Aesthetically Pleasing: 7.5/10, practicality: 8.5/10, total: 8/10

Value for money: If on sale 9/10, regular price 5/10, total: 7/10

Overall: 7.67/10

Okay, I Know that this is not really the highest overall rating that I’ve given on something…  the only thing that pulled it down was the “value fr money” criteria. This is a good brush set though, I’ll even recommend it for beginners as long as you get it on sale ( 😛 ).

Sooo… That’ll be all for today and in the next two weeks I’ll be putting a review here about another cheap palette, which I hope will end up like the meis one if not more…

Prices I mentioned here: Php-Usd

Php399.00 – $9.10

Php250-299.00- $5.70-6.82

Php99.00- $2.26

Php79.00- $1.80

I know those prices sounded really cheap to some, but for a students, like me which is a huge percentage of Avon customers in my country. Php399.00 (That is 3.32 times my daily allowance) is a huge gamble specially for makeup brushes. 🙂

See you all later. 😉 ❤


5 thoughts on “Avon Fab 5-piece Brush Set with Pouch

  1. Looks great! 🙂 I’m loving my elf & sigma brushes at the moment! 🙂
    I would love it if you would check out my blog & follow if you like it 😉

    1. Sadly, I haven’t tried anything from the brand yet.I heard that it is sold in Rustan’s Department store in Manila, but sadly that place is a 3-4 hour drive from where I live, 5 if you’re commuting by bus. But I definitely wanted to try them, and I guess I will when I saved up enough money. 🙂

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