Tutorial: Sparkly Lotus (Featuring: AVON Over Nature Palette) (No video)

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of the brands of the makeup products I used in this post. I payed for every single thing myself.

Good day to everyone and today is another makeup post. This time I’m going to do a tutorial for this look:


DSC_0270 (2) DSC_0271 (2)


I will be using the AVON Over Nature Palette for this look. I still have the same view on the palette as I have in my previous posts regarding this particular product. So I am not obligating you to buy or get this palette to do this look.

One of the things I noticed in this palette is the colors are very easy to dupe, so if you have anything similar then you can use that. 😉

But if you already bought the palette, then here is a way to wear it. 🙂

As I said in my other posts, I always do my eye makeup first before my face, so here are the things I did. 😀



Tutorial 1 eyes closed Tutorial 1 eyes open

  • Step 1: Use a base (White or Sticky).
  • Step 2: Take a paddle eyeshadow brush, and apply a reddish plum color (Like the the eyeshadow #1(plum) from the AVON Over Nature Palette) all over your eyelid and crease.
  • Step 3: Using your fingers, apply a hot pink eyeshadow (like the first shade on Allue’s Rocki’n Trio) on the center of your lid, blend it in with your fingers.
  • Step 4: Take a pencil brush or a definer brush (If you don’t have any of these two like I am, then improvise using an unused (meaning, never been dipped into lipstick or fresh from the wash) lip brush 😉 it works the same way if used in the eye), and apply a dark navy (Like eyeshadow #3 (Deep Navy) from the AVON Over Nature Palette color and apply it on your outer-v.
  • Step 5: Use the same reddish plum and line the lower lash line.
  • Step 6: Use shimmery champagne color (Like eyeshadow #4 (Sand) from the AVON Over Nature Palette) to highlight your brow bone (Use a matte shade from another palette or a single if you have “Hooded Eyes” because shimmery higlights emphasizes hooded eyes more), and use the same shade for the inner corners.
  • Step 7: Now blend, you can use a blending brush, or even a fluffy eyeshadow brush for blending as long as it’s clean. Use small circular motions (Clockwise or counter-clockwise, which ever you prefer) to have softer transitions between colors, and windshield-wiper motion (Left to right and vice-versa) to blend in harsh edges. Be careful not to over-blend, since it can make the colors muddy.
  • Step 8: Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to line the upper lash line. You can use a black or a navy blue liner. I used two liners here, Heng Fang liquid Liner in Black and Jia Li Qi Eyeliner in Black. I picked two liners for this reason, my Jia Li Qi liner dried out already… But I need a precise line for this look, so I used the brush of the Jia Li Qi Liner and the formula of the Heng Fang liner to line my eyes (I like the felt tip applicator of the Heng Fang liner too, but sadly I find it hard to use it for this look). But whatever you have or whatever you’re comfortable of using is fine, as long as you stick to the colors of black and navy blue. 😉
  • Step 9: Use a black pencil liner (like the San San Kohl Eyeliner in Black) to line the waterline and tightline.
  • Step 10: Curl your lashes (optional) then apply some mascara (I used the AVON Super Drama Waterproof mascara. I like this mascara because it gives my lashes extra volume and length. I prefer waterproof though because it can hold a curl longer because it has wax.)

DSC_0320 (2) DSC_0321 (2) DSC_0322 (2)

(The whole process might take a while from 10-20 minutes, but take your time.)

Brows: (The way I do my brows is with two different shades of brow pencil (or powder), I  use the lighter one for the inner part of the brow where it should be the lightest and the darker one on the ends where it supposed to be the darkest)

  • Step 1: Swipe a small amount (start with a little amount, and add more along the way, remember it’s easier build-up color than fixing or toning it down if you mess up) of the lighter shade (in my case a dark brown color, I used AVON Simply Pretty Eyebrow defining pencil in Brown).
  • Step 2: Use a brow brush to blend it in.
  • Step 3: Swipe a little amount of the darker shade (in my case black, I use San San Eyebrow Pencil in Number 1- Black), from the middle of the brown and make small dots towards the end.
  • Step 4: Blend it again with a brow brush.
  • Step 5: Fix any mistakes with a concealer. And use brow gel to keep hairs in place (Optional).


  • Step 1: Make sure your face is clean. Wipe off the fall-out and oils on your face with a makeup wipe or a tissue paper.
  • Step 2: Start with putting a primer on the parts of your face that will most likely look like a oil bank throughout the day, or your whole face. (I use Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer). If you have dry skin it’s much better to moisturize first.
  • Step 3: Apply your foundation (I use San San HD liquid founation in Olive). Start from the face, blend it down to the neck, and lower depends on your shirt’s neckline. Most of the time I apply my foundation with a simple foundation brush, then I’ll blend it out with a sponge. Stippling or buffing is not really my thing, but do whatever you like to do best, to me foundation application is just a matter of preference. And you might say that I’m wasting my foundation by using this method, but to me it’s fine since you’ll only be able to use your foundation for a year… for oil based ones, you can use them for a year and a half. Well, in my case I’d like to throw the bottle out, empty rather than half full. I paid for it so I want to use all of it (even though a lot of it might’ve just been used up by a sponge). But if you don’t want your sponge to eat your foundation up then drench it with water before you use it.
  • Step 4: Apply your concealer (I use San San HD concealer in olive) on problematic areas that the foundation failed to cover-up. I like using my middle or ring finger or my sponge to blend it in.
  • Step 5: Set everything with a translucent powder or pressed powder (I used the powder in my San San age defense makeup set in number 3). Apply the powder all-over the face with a powder brush, a powder puff or a different sponge that you didn’t use for cream or liquid foundation, apply a little to your ears too, so it’s color won’t stand out. In this look,  I used a very matte pressed powder because I want my face to look matte, but it’s your choice, you can do whatever you want, this look can work with a dewy skin finish too.


Contour, Highlight And Blush:

  • Step 1: Highlight the high places of your face where the sun naturally/usually hits (I use shade number 1 in my Meis Palette #3), like the tip of your nose, top of the eyebrows or middle of the forehead, and the cheekbones.
  • Step 2: Contour (I use shade number 8 in my Meis Palette #3) under/over the places that you want to bring emphasis to, like under the cheekbones (Suck in your cheeks so you can locate that particulat part easily), and under your hairline (which is over your forehead), or even under your chin(not advisable for me since it’ll also put emphasis on my double chin… 😀 )
  • Step 3: Put the blush (I used Blush number 2 (Blissful) in the AVON Over Nature Palette) on the place between the contour and the highlight overlapping both a little bit.
  •  Step 4: Blend everything together, and don’t over-blend to the point where you can no longer distinguish where you put which color.



  • Step 1: Condition the lips a little bit with petroleum jelly/Vaseline or any lip balm of your choice (Leave it there for 5 minutes if you’re not in a hurry).
  • Step 2: Wipe the conditioner off with a tissue, then start lining your lips and filling it in with a nude lip liner (I used my AVON Simply Pretty Defining Lip Pencil in Nude).
  • Step 3: Apply your nude lipstick (I used my AVON Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Silky Peach) with a small lip brush, for precision. I choose a nude lipstick because we want the attention on the eyes.
  • Step 4: Apply a clear, shimmery light pink (I used Nichido Starlight Lip Gloss in Galaxy), nude or a very light coral lipgloss on top of the lipstick.



Here is the list of the things I used (I’ll put the prices too.)  😉 (BTW, these are only suggestions, but you can use whatever the heck you like, or the things you already have. 🙂 )  



  • Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer – Php129.00
  • San San HD Liquid Foundation in Olive- Php195.00
  • San San HD Concealer in Olive- Php105.00
  • The pressed powder in San San age defense makeup set in number 3- Php200.00 but I got it on sale for Php150.00

DSC_0319 (2) here are those things I mentioned above…


Contour and highlight (With the brushes I used.)

  • Meis Eyeshadow palette number 3- Php48.00 (I have a review for this baby “Here!”)
  • A flat brush that I got from HBC(home of beauty exclusive)- Php14.00 or 16.00
  • A Brush that comes with a brush set from Allue (HBC brand too like San San)- Php90.00 (Sadly I think that this is already discontinued… This was actually from my first brush set that I got in 2010, I think…)

DSC_0324 (2)


Blush (With the brush I used to apply it, and the brush that I used to blend the contour, highlight and blush.)

  • AVON Over Nature Palette-Blissful Blush (The second blush in the palette)- Php399.00
  • Nichido Blush/Powder Brush- Php139.75 (I’m sure that this brush comes in a travel brush set too.)
  • AVON Fab 5-piece brush set- Blush Brush- Regular Price Php399.00 but I got it on sale for Php99.00 (Hint it’s on sale right now 😛 so if you like to try it go ahead, but don’t freaki’n get it for 399.00, that is just too much to pay, for this brush set. BTW, Php99.00 is the price for the whole set, at least right now.)

DSC_0363  DSC_0325 (2)



  • AVON Over Nature Palette- Php399.00
  • Allue Glam Rock Eye Colour Contact Trio in Rocki’n Trio- Php70.00
  • AVON Super Drama Waterproof Mascara in Black- I got mine for Php299.00
  • San San Kohl Eyeliner in Black- Php105.00
  • Heng Fang 2in1 eyeliner in Black- Php39.00
  • Jia Li Qi Liquid Eyeliner in Black- Php29.00
  • L.A. Colors Wet to Dry Foundation in Medium (For my eyeshadow base)- Comes in a set with a concealer, costs Php150.00, I got it from Natasha.

DSC_0318 (2) DSC_0323 (2)


Eye Brushes:

  • AVON Fab 5-piece Brush set (Eyeshadow Brush)- Php99.00
  • AVON Fab 5-piece Brush set (Lip Brush, but I use it on my eyes because it’s too round and big to be used on my lips…)- Php99.00
  • AVON Fab 5-piece Brush set (Angled Brow Brush, but I use it to line my eyes because it’s really thin, just perfect for lining the lower or upper lash line with eyeshadows or gel liners. 😀 )
  • Lip Brush (Again) from a brush set that I got from Seven-Eleven- Php79.00 (That’s the price for the whole set, okay)
  • Sponge tip applicator from a brush set that I got from Seven-Eleven- Php79.00
  • e.l.f. Professional Blending Eye Brush- Php149.00 (I freaki’n love this baby!)

DSC_0313 DSC_0314 (2)




  • San San Eyebrow Pencil in #1 Black- Regular Php55.00 I got mine on sale for Php45.00
  • AVON Simply Pretty Brow Defining Pencil in Brown- Php89.00
  • Kang Mei Shu Brow Brush (Comes in a set of 5 that I got fro the gift shop near my school, same place where I got my Meis Palettes)- Php68.00 (The whole set)

DSC_0315 (2)




  • Allue Brush set (Lip brush)- Php99.00 (discontinued 😦 But don’t w)
  • AVON Moisture Seduction Lipstick in Silky Peach – Regular Php375.00 (I think that it’s on sale right now… I just don’t know how much.)
  • Nichido Starlight Lip Gloss in Galaxy- I got it for free last Christmas of 2012, when I bought an eyeshadow palette, which I gave to my mom. But the regular price is Php188.00 (Don’t worry, I know I need to replace my lip products after a year or two)
  • AVON Simply Pretty Defining Lip Pencil in Nude- I got mine on an AVON outlet/franchise store near SM Calamba fir Php20.00, but the regular price is Php89.00. (I saved Php69.00 😀 I think they marked down the price because it’s been on display for almost 3 months.)

(And as you can see… both my lipstick and lip gloss are almost gone. 😦 ) DSC_0326 (2) DSC_0327 (2) DSC_0328 (2)



Okay  so that is it for now, and I hope that this tutorial was helpful to you, and please tell me if this is enough or if you want a video to accompany this and I’ll try to make one. 😉 And I really hope that everything I’ve written is clear.

And If you want more information about the AVON Over Nature Makeup Palette, I’ve made a first impression post on it. Click “Here!” Or you can read other blogger’s reviews about it, a lot of them are scattered online. 😉

Thank you for reading. 😀 ❤


DSC_0301 (2) DSC_0302 (2) DSC_0312 (2) >>>>> Me trying to do funny faces… 😛 


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