Attack on Titan

Okay, a lot of people claims that AoT is a overrated anime. A lot says that it’s nothing but gore, other says that the historical references of it is an insult to the victims of World War II, but if we dig deep into it, we’ll see a deep story and deep concept.


Aot Poster

My Attack on Titan poster! That has vertical lines all-over it because someone threw a bag on top of it while it was rolled… It’s still great though. 🙂


So I’ll try to elaborate my point without spewing spoilers. 😉


There are a lot of things I like about this series, from the characters, to the concept, to the character design, to the concept, from the story to the concept to everything (to the concept 😛 ). It’s just the type of anime that will awake every single emotion in your body. If you try and understand it.

It not a thing called meaningless gore or meaningless violence. It has a deeper meaning and a hidden message. And unlike other action packaged anime there is; this anime values life like no other anime there is. I know that sounds weird since almost every character dies, but you see, no character in the story moves on from the death of a comrade. They use the memories of the other fallen soldiers to fuel their need and want of freedom.

And unlike other anime, the characters here have different, distinct personality from each other, they react differently in every situation. The characters were like real humans who cries, dies, lives and felt happiness or grief. Those things are things you will rarely see on anime.


And having a character with the nickname War Horse is a plus. 😉


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