About me: Drawing

Hello there and good day to you all! I noticed that a lot of people has liked my post and even followed my blog for a few days now! Thanks everyone!

So today, I’m going  to talk to you about drawings, it could be fan art or just any drawing in general.

You see I have been drawing, or at least trying to draw since I was 5. And so far I went from simple stick and balls drawings to a somewhat legit anime drawing. I even have some samples here that I’d like to show you.

like this drawing here: (I made this in 2011) (This was actually for my fanfiction, but I always forget to get it scanned 😦 )

DSC_0165 (2)


Okay, if you look at my drawing, and you’re a psychology student like my self, you might notice that the hands of my drawing is hidden, the only thing you might conclude is that I was hiding something, well that is a little true, but you might also add in the fact that I freaki’n SUCK at drawing hands… I still suck at it up until now.

I even bought a “How to draw manga” book, just for that particular reason… It has detailed instruction though, so let’s just say that I’m a dumb-ass for not getting it, despite reading it all the time.

here is another one, this time it’s in chibi form

DSC_0161 (2)

So, what can I say the only things I’m good at drawing is Anime (duh) and clothes, that I more than likely not make, because I don’t know a single thing about sewing, that is one of the things I suck at doing. Which sucks a lot…

One of the things I suck at drawing are landscapes and trees… Yep, trees. I just find it hard to make them look realistic. And I also suck at drawing dragons.

sorry Jake


“Click for the link of the image”

So people says that the way a person draws the eyes of his work is his trademark. That is true for me, since I worked hard in perfecting the eyes of my characters/drawings, the second drawing I posted is my own character, while the first one can be considered as a Harry Potter fan art, since I made it for a HP fanfiction that I wrote for FF.net way back in 2011 that I haven’t finished up until now. Link “Here” if you’re interested in reading that… I haven’t edited a single chapter though.

So, what types of drawings are you good at? I’d really like to know.

🙂 ❤

2 thoughts on “About me: Drawing

  1. Hey! Your drawings are quite impressive so don’t go so harsh on yourself. But, my suggestion would be trying to widen your knowledge on different kinds of art fields such as cartoons, CG animations, anime and portraits. I guess I might conclude you were more into anime. But try doing some cartoons first since it’s all easy doing it. Like Kim Possible or any cartoon. Try studying some other artworks and you’ll pick a lot. But remember, copying other’s artwork could be a trap. And for your question, I’m not really sure where I’m good at, but I really love drawing portraits, cartoons, CG animations such as Tangled, How to train your dragon and Anime. But, continue blogging some of your drawings. 😉 God bless!

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