Cartoon (Not funny bro.)

Okay, this about anime again (I know it’s supposed o be makeup Monday, but I want to blog about anime, and I can’t wait until Wednesday, maybe I should stop making scheds 😛 ). Okay here I go.

Last time I went to the local gift shop near to my school, the same place I got my Meis eyeshadow palettes; but this time I’m in the hunt for anime collectibles. I went to the section with the posters, and there I saw various posters ranging from k-pop to local actors. I also found some anime ones but they were really few, mostly One Piece ones and some Death Note ones. After looking around deeper, I saw three very little posters (not even half of the regular ones) of Attack on Titan. And me being the AoT fan that I was swiped one, I would’ve gotten all three if I have the money (I only have Php10.00 in my pocket’s at the time. Yeah, I’m always broke during school days, sometimes it makes me wanna cry -_-).

So, I went yo the counter to pay for it and the packing lady asked what the title of the “cartoon” in the poster was. I didn’t answer, I know what I did was rude. The guy in counter corrected her though.

So here comes the debate again…

Difference between cartoons and anime. That is always causing a debate among people, specially during the times when someone “accidentally” called anime a cartoon.

So here are the major differences, in my opinion.

  1. Cartoon and Anime art is way different from each other. Even though both are human caricatures, anime is more close in features to a real human, while cartoons are more deformed. (most of the time)
  2. Story lines, plot.

Don’t get me wrong I like both Anime and Cartoons, but to me they are both distinct to each other.

So yeah, those are the major differences for me.

Okay, that’s all for my anime posts today. 😀 ❤


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