Beauty Blogger Trouble? (Monday Rant)

Okay, yesterday I was looking for reviews of a certain product online. I came across a lot of reviews, some good some bad, some are full of information, others not so much. What bothers me the most is that of the blogs that doesn’t give out a lot of information about the products are some famous/big/known names in the beauty blogging business (I won’t tell who but you might know who they are).

Here are the things that I look for when it comes to reviews:

  1. Pros and cons (Which a lot of beauty bloggers thankfully have)
  2. Product Weight, price 
  3. Texture of the product
  4. Swatches
  5. Sample looks (Sadly a lot of blogs misses this one)
  6. Rate (The blogger’s own rating of the product)
  7. Alternatives or recommendations (The alternatives though, is just a bonus, but we (the readers) wold like to know if you recommend the product or not)
  8. Comparison to other products (Not really that important to me, but it’s a plus)

You see adding swatches, pros and cons, texture, and comparisons to other products is not the only thing that should be in a review. Yes, they have to be there, but still if you call something a review; go all out. I don’t give a sh*t about spelling/grammar mistakes. What I look for is the content. Long or short, the review must be full of information, if you don’t know a lot about a product yet, then call it a first impression or unboxing, don’t call it a review.

(BTW: I know that I’m not much of a beauty blogger, I’m just a blogger since this blog rotates not only in beauty (although a lot of my posts are about makeup) but I don’t consider myself one yet. And this rant about reviews doesn’t only apply to beauty, but for other product reviews as well.) 🙂

Have a nice day! ❤

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