May-June Collective haul!

Okay, welcome to another post(which should have been posted last Monday evening or Yesterday)! Back in Monday, I did a post; which is a first impression and unboxing of  a product included in this haul. You can click “here” if you want to see that.

Disclaimer: I didn’t buy all of these things in one go. I saved money to get them. Yep, I do know how to save my money (my mom, brother and grandma, doesn’t believe it though T-T ).

Let’s go with the haul!


these are the all the things I got… not much but trust me, it’s a good thing that I didn’t get all of them in one go.

Okay here is the list of everything.

  • Top, extreme left is an AVON Extra Lasting eyeliner in Shimmering Storm (a navy blue eyeliner)
  • Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer
  • AVON Over Nature Lipstick in Tropical Coral
  • AVON Over Nature Makeup Palette in Garden Voyage
  • Bottom, left is L.A. Girl 5 piece Essential Brush set
  • AVON Fab 5 piece brush set with pouch
  • e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition
  • (I forgot to include it in the photo) e.l.f.  Blending Eye Brush

So now I’m gonna discuss everything briefly. I won’t go into too much detail with everything since I might post a review for each item.

Swatches will be up in my Swatch Bank in a week’s time.

Now let’s go to the first item.

AVON Extra Lasting eyeliner in Shimmering Storm


This little girl here has 2.5 ml of product, it has an applicator that looks really identical to the applicator of NICHIDO precise mineral liner, now that I think about it… It’s a navy blue liner, it’s not waterproof, not smudge proof and it’s not that long lasting, since it only lasts for about three to four hours, but still good (update 9/30/15: Not really, right now I do not think that the price I paid for it is worth it… the quality of this mofo sucks, but I did find a way to use it and make it last though, I set it with a blue shadow…). The real reason why I got this is because I need a blue liner and I like the shade of blue that this product has and the blue is shimmery! I don’t have the money at the time so I just ordered this one since you can pay it in installment for a month (You can pay the AVON lady weekly or daily). The cost of this product varies from campaign to campaign (I forgot the price I got it for, already (it’s fucking Php299.00… 299 Damn it!) :-D).

The next thing on the list is the Beauty Treats L.A. Makeup Primer that I got at the department store of SM City Calamba.


This primer is really nice for the price that it came for, this is my go to primer right now. The only con I saw with one was the cap it has (that I lost already) since it’s very useless; it doesn’t cover the pump properly, since that part where the product comes out is totally exposed. This baby retails for Php129.00

Next is AVON Over Nature Lipstick in Tropical Coral.


I like this lipstick. That’s all I’m going to say. BTW I got this one last Friday, and so far it doesn’t disappoint. If you want details about this one, just read the review I made about it ( 😛 ). (update: it still doesn’t disappoint)

The one after that is the AVON Over Nature Makeup Palette


To me… this product is good. Not the best but it’s good enough, if you have the money, go ahead and buy it, but if you don’t just skip it, you don’t need it that much in your life.

(The two Over Nature collection products have a review, BTW just like the eyeliner both of these could be payed by installment.)

Next one is the L.A Girl 5 piece Essential Brush set.


This one retails for about  Php400.00 to Php500.00. And this baby have really awesome quality for the price. The pouch is great too. 😉

The one after that is the AVON Fab 5 piece brush set with pouch.


I got it for Php99.00, but it’s regular price is Php399.00 (which in my opinion, is too much to pay for this particular set). I got this baby the same time I got the eyeliner, during the time I was looking for the AVON mineral dual-ended brush that I have been wanting for a while, I was willing to pay full price for it, but sadly it was out of stock. So I got what was available, and to my luck, the price was marked down to Php99.00. I’ll make a full review on this, so you’ll know why I think that Php399.00 is too  much.

Next one is the e.l.f. Little Black Beauty Book Day Edition.


I got this together with the L.A Girl brush set. Sadly, I do not think that this is still available online, I think, this was a limited edition version of this line, since the only versions available on the e.l.f. site were the warm and cool editions, but who knows maybe it’s still available in stores or some other shops online. I got this for Php399.00, and it is the last one available in the SM Calamba department store. This baby is a little bit hit and miss, mostly hits though, so that’s cool :-D.

The next one is the e.l.f. Blending Eye Brush.


I got this little girl from SM department store, the same time I got the Beauty Treats makeup primer. At the time I was looking for a proper blending brush. Since the blending brush I was using from my San san brush set looks and works more like an eyeshadow brush than a blending one… this baby however resembles a crease brush a little bit, but still does a really great job in blending eyeshadows. 😉

So that’s all for this haul and see you guys later! 🙂


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