First Day of School Bulls*t

Okay, since today is the first day of classes, at least in the college I go too. I can’t sleep, and I don’t have anything to do, and I’m feeling too lazy to edit my past post… So, I figured out that I’ll just make a list of the top 5 bullsh*t that happens on the first day of classes. B-) (At least to me)

Number 1

When you enroll on the first day of class, like what I’m going to be doing later, today, there is a really big chance that everyone, every personnel in your school will troll you before they let you enroll. 🙂 F*cking bastards…

Act 1:

At the registrar’s from hell office.

Poor Late Enrollee: Uhm… hello ma’am?

Registra’s Assistant A.K.A. Hades: Hello, what do you need, your schedule?

PLE: Uhm, no. Can I get an Enrolling form?

RA: Uh, please wait here while I find you some forms.

PLE: Thanks.

—-25 years later—–

RA: Miss, just come back later, it’s lunch time already.

*Brings out a machete*

Number 2

When your guardian hold your allowance because they think that you’re only enrolling today. But suddenly, you need to go to class the moment you finish the enrolling process.

Number 3

When your best friend tht you haven’t seen for the whole vacation saw you and says….

BFF: Wow you’ve gone *insert insult here*!

Number 4

Traffic Period.

Number 5

Annoying classmates that feels like they’re close to you be like…

Feeling Close Classmate: Hey how’s your vacation, I heard you went to Baguio?

Me: It’s been great? You?

FCC: I didn’t do much… By the way, do you still have some extra souvenirs, can I have then.

Me: *inside my head* I don’t even know you…


FCC: Hey can I borrow your pencil.

Me: Yeah.

FCC: *sit’s close to you* *proceeds talking crap about someone* Hey do you know Jane took on the whole Basket ball team? Such a slut right? *Laugh*

Me: That’s my best friend, Bitch!


Believe it or not… Those things happen.

At least  that’s what happens in my school most of the time.


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