Avon Over Nature Palette and Lipstick First Impression/Unboxing


Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by AVON… I payed for these stuff with my own money.

Hi guys! Welcome to my blog and it’s time for another makeup review. So a few days ago, Avon released a new collection called the “Over Nature Collection” and I know that this post is really late since it was available since June 1st, and now it’s the 8th or the 9th.

That line/collection consists almost everything written in the phone book; From underwear/lingerie to an umbrella  (Yep an umbrella)(The collection has jewelries and a perfume too). Sadly I can only get two items from the collection, which are the makeup palette and a lipstick. Another sad thing, the collection is LIMITED edition (update 09/30/2015: These stuff are not limited  at least the lipsticks can still be seen in the brochures).

The palette sold for Php399.00 (regular Php499.00) in the recent AVON brochure, and the lipstick for Php269.00(regular Php399.00).

Now let’s go to the review! Let’s discuss about the palette first.

The palette is called, Garden Voyage.


The claim printed on the back of the box says: “The palette is beautifully designed in an orchid flower pattern to inspire you. Create unlimited looks with soft, luxurious formula that wears for hours.”

Sooo… let’s see if that is true.

here is what it looks like

DSC_0358  DSC_0359

the box

DSC_0351  DSC_0352

Okay, the first thought I had when I first saw this palette was, “DAMN, AVON has stepped up their game in the packaging here! A lot of thought was put into this.”

So let’s discuss about the palette’s packaging. The front and back of the palette is white with floral designs all-over it, the flower they chose is the Orchid. Which is nice and pretty in my opinion. The palette is made of thick cardboard, how thick? Two or three times thicker than the cardboard of the E.L.F. Little Black Beauty Book day edition (Which I might do a review for, if someone requests it).

The back of the palette contains the names of each shades, while the back of the box tells the details, like the ingredients, manufacturing date, Avon contact info, etc.

The palette has a magnetic closure and a good one at that, the magnet was really strong! It also has a big mirror too, which is good for travelling.



Closeup of the inside


Now let’s go to the inside of the palette. The palette has two blushes and four shadows. The shadows all in all weigh 2.4 grams, while the blushes all in all weighs 2.4 grams. So the products inside weighs 4.8 grams. The palette includes a mini blush brush and eyeshadow applicator (Which I will most likely, not use… The bristles of the brush is pretty nice though, I gotta admit that) which occupies almost half of the palette. The inside also has the floral design.

here is the closeup photo of the shades. 


The positioning and shapes of each pan, also resembles a flower, complete with a gold stigma/stamen(I don’t know which, I’m not a freaki’n botanist/gardener!) in the middle.

Here are the names of the eyeshadow shades.

E1(eyeshadow 1) is called Plum- Which is a nice reddish purple color with lots of sparkles.

E2 is called Purple- Which is a very light purple, with lot’s of  glitter.

E3 is called Deep Navy- Which is really dark navy color, almost black and again it has a lot of glitter/shimmer.

E4 is called Sand- Which is a really nice champagne color which is nice for the inner corner highlight.

So, what can I say about these shadows?

They aren’t really that pigmented, but pigmented enough to show up without a base. They aren’t the creamiest shade out there too, and they are not really that soft (Which doesn’t really bother me a lot, but it does bother other people), but the shades are smooth they glide on nicely, and swatched nicely, they are also really blendable (A little bit too blendable in my opinion. LOL  XD ).

They do have fall-outs, which is composed of mostly glitter. (So you actually should do your eyes first before your face. Or if you don’t want to do that, just be very, very careful while applying them to your eyes.)

However, once you put on a good base, like every other eyeshadow, the colors becomes a hundred times better. I recommend a sticky base or a white base for these shadows. I recommend the sticky base so there won’t be as much fall-out, and it will prevent the shadows from mixing with each other (since shimmers tend to do that a lot). And the white one so that the colors would pop more.

here is an eye look that I created with these shades…


Left eye= No Base, Right eye= With Base

No Base

No Base 2No Base 1

See how the pigment is there but the definition is not. The colors look murky, because the shimmery colors tends to get mixed together easily.

With Base(sticky)

With Base 1 With Base 2

Now, there is definition, and the pigmentation intensifies more. You can now see where which color is.

Now, let’s go to the blush shades:

B1(blush 1) is called Angelic Blush-  Is a light peachy coral blush that has a lot of shimmers in the pan, but swatches with very minute shimmers, almost matte.

B2 is called Blissful Blush- Is a red-orange coral blush, which also has shimmers on the pan but swatches with very little shimmer, almost matte.

Okay’ so I actually like the blushes more than the shadows. I can actually see myself using them a lot, and I might even get them on their own if they were available in singles.

You see I’m a big fan of coral blushes. And I know a good coral shade when I see one.

These blushes tends to be a bit powdery. That is the only thing I found negative about them. But the pigmentation, blendability and finish is awesome! Like I said, they look a little scary in the pan since there is a LOT of shimmers, but once it’s on your brush, or swatched most of the shimmers age gone. Which will leave you with a matte shade with slight shimmers on it, which will make your cheeks look like it has a slight glow on it.

(BTW. All of the shades in this palette are shimmery, and they’re not really that soft. And all of them has the True Color Technology, meaning; the color you have on the pan is the  color you will have on your face, or swatch. Which is nice.)

I can’t really say the exact weight of each shades since all have  a different shapes from each other. The blushes though looks like they are the same size.

So here are the pros and cons of this palette. (And I’m going to be honest with you…I’m really TORN between the pros and cons here.)


1) The sizes of the shadows are annoying. It’s really hard to put your brush on Deep Navy because of the pan’s size and shape.

2)There is not a single true matte shade.

3) Too much waste of space. (The margins are to wide, in my opinion and the place for the applicators is too big!)

4) I disagree with one of the claims of this palette, since there is a very limited amount of looks that can be created with this palette. (This opinion might change after I play with it more) (update 9/30/15 it (my opinion) didn’t… -_- )

5) There is a bit of fallout on the darker shades.

6)  The blushes are a little powdery.

7) No indication whatsoever of which shade has which name. (So I mix and matched the name to shade, by thinking of which shade looks more like the name.

8) The white packaging get’s dirty easier.

9) Parabens.

Now for the Pros! 🙂

1) The shadows are pretty pigmented when swatched(more pigmented than what I expected them to be).

2) Even though the blushes are a bit powdery, they are easy to blend, and they are pretty pigmented.

3) Not the creamiest and softest shadows and blushes but they are all smooth and glides on easily.

4) The color scheme centers on a single theme.

5) The palette is pretty compact (still compact in it’s own right) and sturdy.

6) Strong magnet!

7) Big mirror. 

8) The color shows up even without primer. (only a little bit though)

9) The packaging is cute.

10) The palette comes with a thick plastic inside which protects the mirror.

11) I actually agree  on this claim. The colors are long lasting, with base or not.

Final verdict:

Packaging: aesthetically: 9/10, practicality:7.5/10 Final: 8.25/10

Quality: eyeshadow: 7/10, blush: 9/10, final: 8/10

Value for money: 6.5/10

Overall: 7.6/10

Okay, so that is my final verdict. I actually love this palette. It’s good in my opinion. But for the price that you will pay it for. I don’t think it’s worth it. I know that this is a “one moth to pay product” but it doesn’t justify the price of it, limited edition or not. You’ll get more packaging in this than product.

But then again this is more of a collector’s item than something you will use. (in short you might spend time in just looking lovingly at it than using it)

I think I can only only recommend this palette to someone who is a real sucker for packaging, a makeup hoarder, a collector  or to someone who really loves purples and corals (A.K.A. My mom 😀 I got one for her as a belated mother’s day gift, and yeah I gave her her gift a month late… better late than never -_- ). But never to beginners, for three reasons: 1) Not much variety, 2) The packaging might take too much room in a makeup bag, 3) Not budget friendly, at all.

There is a lot of room for improvement with this baby, but I doubt that AVON would do it, since it’s limited edition.

So all in all, I’m not really disappointed with my purchase, but it doesn’t mean that I’ll recommend it easily to someone.

FYI: It’s up to you if you want to buy it, though. 🙂


natural light


with flash


Now let’s go to the lipstick! This is actually the one I’m excited about. I got two shades, one in “Tropical Coral” and one in “Pink Lily”. I can only show you the swatch of Tropical Coral since the Pink Lily one was for my mom.

packaging and box


Here is the claim printed on the brochure: “Infused with orchid extract and wild rose oil for lips as soft as petal.”

Once again, let’s start the discussion about the packaging of this little girl. The whole tube is made of cardboard. Yes card board, and it looks really far from the generic black packaging that AVON uses on their other lipsticks, and it’s also very far from the usual shape.

The cardboard has a plastic mold inside so it doesn’t go out of shape. It also has the Orchid design all-over it.

how it looks like open.


To honest I prefer this packaging over the usual AVON lipstick packaging because it doesn’t have that stopper on top part of the lid, which may screw-up your lipstick if it hits that part. That part also has the habit of braking and shattering, sending the shards on your lipstick (That happened to two of my lipsticks).

These two: 

DSC_0170 (3)

Sad…. 😦

DSC_0171 (2)

Okay, so here are the shades, I got.

Tropical Coral


Pink Lily


All in all there are eight lipstick shades available in this collection, each lipstick contains 3.6 grams of product. There is an orchid one, called Orchid Fantasy which is actually the present Pantone color of the year. Cherry Berry, which the name is self explanatory, Tender Tulip, which is a really pale pink, Exotique Hibiscus, which is a really bright pink, African Daisy, a nude color, and Wild Rose, a red shade.

The lipstick is very creamy, it glides on easily, no tugging whatsoever. It has a slight floral scent and a very slight aftertaste though, which might bother some people, so if that bothers you, you might want to skip this product. It is also very opaque, and has a creamy finish, a single swipe is opaque enough to cover your lips. It doesn’t transfer too much too, which is a plus. This is not really advertised as long lasting, but it does last quite  a while.

I didn’t dry up my lips the whole time I was wearing it, which is a plus, it didn’t make my lips flaky, another plus, but it is no way near moisturizing, which is the claim for the product, doesn’t bother me though.

The only thing negative I can say about this is it feathers a little bit, nothing major though.

The regular price is a little pricey, but worth it in my opinion.

Pros and Cons:


1) It feathers a little bit.

2) It stains.

3) Has a little bit of an aftertaste.


1) Very pigmented and opaque. (a con if you don’t like opaque lipsticks)

2) Glides on easily.

3) Cute packaging (But a little bulky).

4) Minimal transferring.

swatch of tropical coral


every lipstick purchase comes with a bag… 🙂


Final Verdict

Packaging: aesthetically: 10/10,  practicality: 8/10, final: 9/10

Quality: 9/10

Value for money: 8.5/10

Overall: 8.8/10

I approve this and recommend this. That’s all.

Okay, so there is a universal con for this products… for some people.

They are NOT VEGAN.

So if you are vegan, you might want to skip this line.

Okay, if you want to pick up any of these items in a lower price range than the regular price, the sale goes from June 1 to 15, so you still have a week to pick them up! 🙂 I might buy another shade of lipstick this week too. 😛

Look/s I created with these products:

(Lipstick and palette)

DSC_0146 (5)

DSC_0148 (4)

Eye shadow longevity test:

4:22 pm

DSC_0156 (3) DSC_0158 (3)

A very long walk and a hectic day later (My eyeliner already bailed out on me!) 10:05 pm

DSC_0165 (3) DSC_0166 (3)

Lipstick longevity test:

3:44 am

DSC_0124 (4)

A sh*tload of food later 5:26 am

DSC_0133 (3) DSC_0135 (4)

(say peek-a-boo to my grandma’s bra on the background! 😛 )

2 thoughts on “Avon Over Nature Palette and Lipstick First Impression/Unboxing

    1. Yes, they have hit and miss products. But even after that people still buy their stuff because you can pay for their stuff in installment. 🙂

      I’ve had a lot of hits though, but the ultimate miss was their Simply Pretty Lip glosses. Too sticky for my taste.

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