Meis Palettes Review!

So… Hi there people and welcome to our weekly “Makeup Monday!” and as promised in my swatch bank post (which will be updated tomorrow just FYI), here is my review for my Meis eyeshadow palettes, which I’ve been loving since January of this year. But did I tell you that I bought them for just Php48.00? By the way Php48.00 is equivalent to just $1.0990 or if you are a sucker for rounding off to the nearest tens, $1.10, which is a steal, because they both weigh 11 grams and both has 8 shades that are totally different from each other.

Okay, so here is the story about these babies, I bought them in a gift shop near Laguna College of Business and Arts (LCBA) called Vernie’s, in Calamba Laguna.I was just buying a new pair of earrings since I totaled my last one (I totaled that one too, as in I total wrecked it) and I saw a matte palette in the makeup section, and could NOT help myself. I bought the #2 palette (the colorful one) first,and I liked it a lot so I came back for the neutral one.

Here are the beautiful little things…

#2: is an all matte palette with cool toned brights
DSC_0006 (3)

#3 is a neutral palette which have more matte shades than shimmer ones. (which is nice, since mattes don’t come by a lot here!) 

DSC_0003 (4)

Now that we’ve seen the palette, I’ll do a more in depth discussion about them.

meis palettes

Let’s go to palette #2 (the bottom one) first.

  • Shade number 1 is a plain white shade (Good for the brow bone).
  •  Shade number 2 is a matte light teal color.
  •  Shade number 3 is a matte aqua blue color (perfect for summer in my opinion).
  •  Shade number 4  is a really deep purple (Very good for the outer part of the lid, or a crease color if you want to go dark).
  • Shade number 5 is a very light purple, almost white (a nice highlight or lid color).
  • Shade number 6 is a cool toned pink with a blue undertone, (it looks violet-ish in the photo though) which looks very pretty in the eyes (I’ll show you a look I made with this someday 😉 ).
  • Shade number 7 is pretty dark violet shade.
  • Shade number 8 is a nice red (come on, a red eyeshadow! That doesn’t come by very often…).

So what can I say with this palette? It SCREAMS color, yes it doesn’t have neons, but it’s still colorful in its own right. The shadows are very pigmented though, which is a surprise for me since they are matte, they are very blendable, and the color pop more with a nice base. But there is also a downside with them though, the light shades are a little powdery, and it has fall-outs. But for the price of these, it’s not really not much of a surprise.

Now, some of you might say that this cannot be used to make a look by it’s own, since all of them are colorful and most of you might think of them as scary.

But that assumption about them is totally wrong, because you can. You can use either the pink or the very light purple for the lid, the violet for the crease, the dark purple for the outer corner/third and the white for highlight and the inner corner. You can even double up the red as a blush, but use a very light hand if you plan on doing that.

Okay, now for palette #3

  • Shadow number 1 is a nice very light peachy shade, which looks matte on the pan but it has very little shimmer when applied, I use this shade a lot as a highlighter, you can actually feel the love with that huge dent in the middle, I even hit pan on it which is very rare for me. It’s a little bit powdery but what ever, I still love it, it’s multipurpose!
  • Shade number 2 is the same as palette# 2’s white. It’s a plain white matte shade.
  • Shade number 3 is a very light peachy color too, it’s a little similar to shade number 1, but it’s matte and it’s a shade darker, I use this shade mainly for blending since it’s close to my skin tone.
  •  Shade number 4 is a very nice light caramel color which is very nice for the lid or crease.
  • Shade number 5 is a very nice reddish-brown shade that I use on both my lid or crease, I use it without a base sometimes because it’s really pigmented, but when I’m feeling bold I use it with a base. I use a light hand when I use it for my crease.
  • Shade number 6 is a deep chocolate brown. It has shimmers on the pan but when swatched it looks matte. It’s a really nice color for crease or the outer-v.
  • Shade number 7 is a really dark brown, almost black. I use it mostly as the shade for my outer third/corner and I use for my brows too.
  • Shade number 8 is a very nice matte chocolate brown color. This shade is really nice for contouring, it got a bit of a red tint but it can be over looked because the brown overwhelms the red. This is actually my go to contour shade.


Palette #2

DSC_0005 (3)

Palette #3

swatch bank 1


1) They are very pigmented, with or without base. But if you want them to show up without a base apply them with your fingers.

2) There is never a repeat shade.

3)They are really blendable.

4) They are sooooo affordable.

5) They are matte (at least most are).

6) They have a list of ingredients on the back, and they have a manufacturing date and expiration date.

7) They are very compact and easy to carry, they fit nicely in your purse or even your pockets!



8) They are pretty sturdy. The plastic may look cheap, but it’s HARD! the white and red on palette #2 shattered because the palette fell while it was open.  Luckily I savaged enough of the red to fix it. And the palette #3 only got a little cracked when I accidentally stomped on it.

9) No parabens.


1) They are a bit powdery.

2) Some shades are a bit chalky,

3) Did you know why I said to use your fingers when you apply the shades without a base? Because there will be less pigment on your eyes and more on your face when you use it with a brush. But with a sticky base, or a sponge tip applicator, they’ll look great! (I recommend the base more though)

Some of you might be worried because it’s cheap. But so far since January, I never felt any irritation in my skin whatsoever when I use these shadows. But if you have sensitive skin or eyes, test them, by swatching the colors on a the back of your hand, and leave it there for a short time.

Okay so what is my final verdict for these  palettes? I’ll rate them both a 7.5/10. The palettes themselves are definitely not the best in the world, but they are a really awesome for their price. 🙂

An example of a look I created with these.

I used both palettes for the eyes.

DSC_0197 DSC_0200

Contour and highlight (Sorry for the back ground…)


(In the end I posted it on Tuesday at 12:47am…)

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