Fanfiction 101

Hello there guys! Welcome to my blog’s first Miscellaneous Friday post. The topic today is about Fanfictions. Or stories made by fans like myself that range from anime, to books, to real people.

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A photo of the homepage of, a fanfiction hosting site.

Right now I’m into a lot of fandoms, which includes Harry Potter, The Avengers, various anime series, the Matrix (and it’s sad that there wasn’t a lot of stuff about the Matrix trilogy in the two Fanfic sites I frequent.), and many more. I could even say that I’m fan fiction addict, well mostly “Slash Fic” addict, but I could even read femmeslash if a fic caught my eye.

By the way, here are a few fan fiction genres that you should be accustomed to, if you want to get into the crazy world of fan fiction.

1) Canon- Cannon Fan fictions are fan fictions that are accepted as a part of the universe or story it belongs to, basically these are pairings that are considered people as a “real” pairing, because it exists inside the story.

examples: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy/Astoria Green Grass, Goku/Chi chi, Minato Namikaze/Kushina Uzumaki, Edward Cullen/Bella Swan and many more.

2) Slash Fan fiction- Also known as m/m fan fictions, malexmale, manxman. Some writers also simultaneously use the term “Yaoi” in their summaries to describe the fanfics they make under this genre. Slash, is basically boy to boy stories, or romantic stories between males. It can also be a cannon pairing but most of the time it’s not.

examples: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy (My favorite pairing of all time!), Iron man(Tony Stark)/Captain America(Steve Rogers) (My favorite pairing in the Avengers universe), Naruto Uzumaki/Sasuke Uchiha, Edward Cullen/Jacob Black (one of the only two parings I care of from the Twilight Saga) and many more.

3) Femmeslash Fan fctions- also known as  f/f fan fiction, girlxgirl, and femalexfemale, some writers also uses the term “Yuri” to describe it. These are fan fictions that depict romantic stories between two female characters. Can be cannon but mostly not.

examples: Hermione Granger/Ginny Weasley, Ymir/Krista Lenz(Historia Reiss), Sakura Haruno/Ino Yamanaka, Bella Swan/Jane and many more.

4) Hetero-can also be called het. or straight fan fictions, are fan fictions that depict romance between people of opposite sex. Can be cannon, or not.

examples: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Wealey, Naruto Uzumaki/Hinata Hyuuga, Bella Swan/Jacob Black and many more.

A simple guide on picking the things you will read:

1) Choose between the four genres above.

2) Choose a fandom.

3) Choose pairing/characters.

4) Pick a genre: Romance, family, tragedy, friendship, humor etc.

5) Read the summary, since  a lot of things could be found in the summary, detail-wise. For example; you hate cross dressing or torture, if you don’t read the summary you won’t know whether the story has both elements.

Whatever you want to read is up to you, don’t be ignorant and click on something that you didn’t know, then flame the author for his or her work.

Some terms you need to know:

1) Crack(crack fic)- Are stories with exaggerating plots and stuff, mostly parodies and humorous stories involve this. It’s basically like the characters or the story in general is on crack…

2) Whump- are stories mostly featuring emotional, mental or physical torture.

3) OOC (Out Of Caracter)- Features one or some of the characters behaving differently from their original characterization.

4) OC (Own Creation or Own Character)- Depicts stories with the fanfiction author’s own characters.

5) Dark- Are fanfics with a dark plot or darker characters, sometimes borderline evil, or psychopathic.

6) Flames- Are commonly insults and derogatory reviews made by readers to a work or an author. (Don’t be those assholes!)

7) Cross-over(X-over)- Are fics created by fusing characters or events from two different universes into one fic. For example a Cross-over fanfiction between Harry Potter and Twilight Saga.

8) AU(Another Universe)- Are stories depicting the characters in  a very different situation than they have in cannon, or in the original story. For example a non-magic AU fanfiction of Harry Potter depicting Draco as a pool boy. (I do this type of fic mostly, because you can do almost anything and no one has the right to fuck with you…)

If you want to learn more terms regarding fanfictions you can click here!

Here are some sites where you can read fanfiction:


2) Archive of Our Own 

3) Wattpad -although they don’t only focus on factions, just FYI.

4) Quotev -Also not fanfic focused but you can find some there.

5) Writer’s Cafe

6) Tumlr -Yesss!!!!! You can also find some here!

7) LiveJournal

8) DeviantART -Yep. There are also some here.

9) Various blogs and websites.

And if you want a head start in reading slash fics (ahem, shameless plug) you can visit my account here. You can look at my own works or my list of favorites. 😉

So… I hope you learned something from this post and see you at Makeup Monday or Anime Wednesday! 😀

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