Swatch Bank/Library

Hello guys and gals and thanks for visiting my blog.

This post is all about the swatches I do/did for all of the makeup products that I have/will have, this will be updated regularly.

I assure that most if not all of the pictures that will be posted here are in high-definition for you to see the colors and swatches nicely.

1)This is the first entry in this post. The pictures here are swatches from two cheap palettes that I bought a while ago. A review will follow on  a separate post with the link posted below the last picture.

Meis Eye Shadow Palettes

swatch bank 1








Here is the swatch of Meis Palette number 3 which is a neutral palette. Most of the shades are matte except for one shade (in the pan it has a bit of shimmer, but the it doesn’t appear when the shade is swatched).


DSC_0003 (4)

This is how the front looks like.

DSC_0004 (3)

The back with the ingredients, with the manufacturing and the expiration date.

DSC_0005 (3)

Here are the swatches from Meis Palette number 2, which is centered around cool toned bright shades that are all matte.

DSC_0006 (3)



DSC_0007 (3)


Click here for the review!


2) Here is the 2nd post for my swatch bank!

Ever Bilena 12  eyeshadow palette. Ever Bilena is one of the leading brands of makeup in the Philippines and made in the Philippines, that can be found on drug stores nation wide. It is also the first palette I bought way back in January 2012, and it’s my most used and most loved and it is also the first one I had that isn’t a hand-me-down (stolen) from my mom.(trivia: you can find this brand on Daiso too.)

DSC_0077 (2)


as you can see it’s beaten up as F***!

DSC_0078 (2)

The writings in the back are erased already…

DSC_0079 (2)

Hit pans on most shades and totally obliterated the browns.

DSC_0076 (2)


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