Hello! And Welcome to the First Post in me Semi-brilliant Blog

Hey there! Welcome to Summer March my blog, yey! So first of all thank you so much for reading this blog even if you just stumble upon it by chance… which might really be the only reason for you being here. (cough)

So first of all, let me introduce myself. The name is Jem, you can also call me Kyuuka Yayoi or anything you want, yeah that includes Asshole, Bitch or Jerk… just kdding! I’m 18 years old, currently taking my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I’m in my second year. I’m also currently unemployed and broke, but that’s another story… I’m also a writer/pretending to be one, and you might have stumbled upon me on these sites.


I’m from the Philippines, from the CALABARZON region. I live with my mom(despite my age), my grandma, my younger brother, two dogs, and four cats. Like many Asians I love rice, my favorite food to eat with rice is fried chicken or boiled vegetables. My favorite drink is iced tea. I took up AB Multimedia Arts two years ago, but I didn’t get to finish it due to financial reasons.

Now let’s talk about this blog. If you noticed my language, you’ll definitely know that this blog is not for kids under 13… Hell, some post might not even be for under 18! So please kids if you parents say no to you reading this, obey them.

The post may range from anime to makeup, to music, to a lot of things and might even end up to politics. Yeah, that’s a pretty wide range.

I also want to make this blog colorful, someday…

So that’s all for now folks, see you again later!

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